What motivates you to use wireless technology at work or home?

Expert Answers

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Using wireless networks at work has a number of advantages.  It increases mobility as the employees are not forced to sit in front of a computer screen to be productive.  This improves communication, collaboration and efficiency as employees can access the internet at any spot within the workspace.  It allows a number of applications of technology to run a lot smoother.  These applications would include sending and receiving e-mails, web conferencing, video conferencing or conducting meetings.  Using a wireless network enables companies to easily add users than through the traditional wired networks.

At home, using a wireless network offers many of the same advantages.  If you have a job in which you need to be "on-call" at all times, receiving emails and messages on a smartphone or tablet is convenient and allows for easy communication with subordinates or management.  Wireless has benefits for applications that are for entertainment purposes including playing games, listening to music, or checking the social network.  

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