What are some motifs in Never Let Me Go?

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Two central motifs in Never Let Me Go are art and music. In navigating themes of death, innocence, and eternal recurrence, Ishiguro illustrates how creativity embodies the practice of the soul exercising itself. Perhaps most significantly, Tommy’s art created throughout his time at Hailsham heavily mirrors his complex emotions; as he recounts, “hings like pictures, poetry, all that kind of stuff, [Miss Emily] said they revealed what you were like inside” (175).

When Tommy and Kath go to the Madame’s house to seek a deferral, she confirms this intent but with the emphasis that “We took away your art because we thought it would reveal your souls. Or, to put it more finely, we did to prove you had souls at all” (260). Ishiguro, however, endeavors to portray that these clones do indeed have souls; the emotional characteristics seen through in their art exemplify their humanity.

Furthermore, Ishiguro explores music as a motif to illustrate its function as a lasting representation of...

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