What is the mother's plan for economic survival in "Spring Victory"?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The mother’s plan in “Spring Victory” is to weave baskets.  Her husband is sick and she has several young children that are not useful.  She asks her ten year old son to get her materials for the basket, and teaches some of her children how to make baskets as well.


Slowly but surely, the family manages to get out from under.  Unfortunately, father is not getting better and the oldest son (or the narrator) seems to have a difficult time but trudges on.


When the narrator’s mother sends him to fetch the doctor, it seems as if the ax has finally fallen, and that they will be overwhelmed by nature, snow, and cold… (enotes)


In the end, the mother has a baby and the father gets better, and it is a victory indeed for the struggling family.  They can move on with their harsh existence, but existence nonetheless.

mrsk72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In 'Spring Victory' the unnamed narrator and his family are facing starvation, the a harsh winter and a failed harvest have left them with few options. With their father lying ill with flu (an historical reference to the flu pandemic in 1918), it is left to the mother to provide for them all.

"Her solution is to resume a craft she learned as a girl, basket weaving, and to enlist the older children in the enterprise."

The story demonstrates the family's battle against the harsh natural world, and the small victory gained through this craft is reflected in the positive image of Spring, a traditional sign of redemption.

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