What is the most useful question to ask before reading “A Sound of Thunder” by Bradbury?

Expert Answers
englishteacher148 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ray Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder" presents a society in which time travel is not only possible, but a thriving business. Time Safari, Inc. provides customers with the opportunity to go back in time to hunt and kill a dinosaur. In the story, the strict instructions from Time Safari, Inc. are not followed, and as a result, the entire course of history is changed. This prompts the question: in the world of scientific innovation, should we do something just because we can? In a time when advancements are being made by the minute, we are constantly facing ethical issues related to our newfound abilities.

Readers may also want to consider questions such as:

Is losing freedom worse than losing life? (Would it have been better to be killed with the dinosaur?)

Is complete control ever possible? (Control over people, control over a country, control over the environment, control over time, etc.)