What is the most suspenseful moment in My Side of the Mountain?

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This classic by Jean Craighead George has many twists and turns as Sam discovers his true self while living off the land in the Catskills. However, perhaps one of the most suspenseful moments comes in the last chapter, chapter 24. Sam's parents and eight siblings come to find him in order to let him know that they are moving out of New York City. They wish to build a home on the family farm, near where Sam has been living in the forest. Sam is upset at first, since he has come to value the independence and solitude that comes with living off the land. However, he softens when he realizes all his parents have been through in regards to negative comments from people who feel they neglected their duties as Sam's parents. Sam comes to understand that his parents are seeking a better life for their family, and he agrees that moving to the farm is a good choice.

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