What are the most significant events in this story?

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There are many significant events in Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. This list may not be what others find significant given the answer to this question will be based upon Reader-Response. Reader-Response is a critical analysis which the interpretation of the reader far outweighs the author's intent. If one were to ask different people, answers would vary.

Therefore, here are what I deem the most significant events of the text.

1. Victor is introduced to books by his father. This introduction fuels Victor's love for knowledge.

2. Victor is introduced to Elizabeth. Victor falls in love with Elizabeth as soon as he sees her. This is important over the course of the novel given his protection of her and their impending marriage.

3. Victor attends the university. It is at university where Victor truly becomes obsessed with the reanimation of the dead.

4. Victor's creates the monster/ creature. The creation of the monster creates the main conflict of the novel.

5. Victor alienates his creature. Victor's alienation of his creature creates a hatred of Victor by the monster. This hatred fuels the conflict which compounds over the course of the text.

6. The monster learns about compassion and love. The monster learns about compassion and love from the family which he watches and helps. The monster is run off by the family and the monster learns about solitude for the second time.

7. Victor refuses to make a mate for the monster. It is because Victor refuses to make a mate for the monster which causes the monster to murder Elizabeth on her wedding night.

8. Victor swears revenge on the monster. Victor's obsession with finding the monster leads to his eventual death.

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