What is the most significant development affecting the United States during the colonial period?

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There are several ideas to consider when examining the most significant development affecting United States history during the colonial period. I will explain a few ideas for you to consider.

One development was the ending of the French and Indian War. While this was a victory for Britain, it set into motion a series of events that lead to the Revolutionary War. When this war ended, Great Britain got most of France’s land east of the Mississippi River. The colonists viewed this as an opportunity to get land cheaply. However, the British didn’t want trouble with the Native Americans, so they prevented the colonists from moving into this land by passing the Proclamation of 1763. After that law was passed, more laws were passed that angered the colonists.

Another development was the use of slaves in the colonies. This led to a significant division between the North and the South that eventually led to the Civil War. Since slavery was legal in Britain, it was also legal in the colonies. As time passed, the use of slaves grew, especially in the South.

A third development was the different economic activities in the North and the South. The South mainly did farming while the North had industry, trade, and fishing as the main jobs. As a result, the needs of each region were very different. The regions would eventually have trouble agreeing on national policies. This would contribute to the growing divide in our country that led to the Civil War.

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