Gender Relations and Roles

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What are the most significant considerations for gender in our society today?

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I think that one particular tract that can be taken in answering the question could be to examine how gender bias might be present in social settings today.  One of the most significant considerations for gender in society today has to be in how gender bias exists in social settings, impacting the way in which both genders view one another.  The most recent Presidential campaign in America and the events in India over the past three weeks are two such examples.  In both situations, there are significant considerations for gender in modern society.  The "War on Women" is an issue that never really left the political sphere over the past year in American politics.  Comments from Republican Senatorial candidates Todd Akin, Tom Smith, and Richard Mourdouck as well as public fodder comments from Rush Limbaugh helped to ignite a significant discussion as to how the issue of gender is viewed by both genders.  The considerations impacted the way in which both genders understood issues such as contraception, rape, as well as pregnancy.  Such considerations can be seen in the Delhi gang rape context.  The issue of misogyny in both social settings and political response has helped to ignite a vigorous debate about what it means to be a woman and how men view women.  The most significant considerations out of this particular incident and one that is ongoing is how individuals perceive the issue of gender as defining much of modern interaction.  I think that an approach in seeking to better understand considerations for gender in our society is through examining how the issue of gender roles and interaction between the genders is still clouded by variance of opinion and passionate divergence of thought.  The situations in American political discourse and Indian social dialogue within the past year and month might help to be starting points in developing such a thesis.

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