What is the most powerful branch of goverment? i need to write a report

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In the end, it might not be as important to identify the most powerful branch of government as much as it is to recognize the interdependence of all the branches in order for government to properly function.  The framers were wise enough to understand that a government which is dependent on its multiple branches to ensure a smooth and orderly administration of government is probably going to be more successful and endure longer than one which places primacy on one function of government over another.  A plausible case can be made for all three branches having separate powers that might be deemed superior and more powerful than the other two, but the reality is that within the principle of checks and balances, each branch has its own power that is limited by the other two.  This creates a triangulation of power where effective government is realized.

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This question has been asked recently, and is mostly a matter of opinion, but I tend to think the Executive Branch is.  The President is the Commander in Chief of the military, and may use signing statements and executive orders to legislate some things just as Congress does.  He is able to nominate all new members of the Supreme Court, and the branch is concentrated in just one person, as opposed to divided like the other two branches.

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