What is the most memorable part in The Shakespeare Stealer and why is it so?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For me, the most memorable part of this excellent and exciting novel comes in the final chapter, when we realise that Falconer an Mr. Simon Bass are actually one and the same person. This part for me is so intriguing and gripping because a mystery is solved and we are left with another mystery in our minds even after Falconer's secret is revealed. Widge himself asks why it is that Mr. Bass could bear to play this part for so long. Mr. Armin's response is one that identifies one of the key themes of the play:

"Perhaps," Mr. Armin said, "it was his true self."

We are persented in this novel with a number of characters who play different parts. Widge has to pretend to be enthusiastic about being a player whilst all along he is planning to steal from the company. Julia plays the part of a boy so that she can act. And now we have another example in Falconer who doesn't actually exist. The play raises the uncomfortable possibility that the roles we play in our own life can actually, at times, be more real than our supposedly real selves.