What is the most interesting fact about Stonehenge and why? Stonehenge is mysterious

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When I visited Stonehenge, I was amazed that the place was surrounded by highways. We always think of it as being isolated and peaceful. Ironically, it is quiet and peaceful inside the stones themselves. It's a majestic, fantastic, incredible place. Truly amazing.
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The research compiled on Stonehenge over the last 500 years is compelling, and everchanging. Theories include the purpose of the megalithic structure, who used the structure, when it was used, and if over time its meaning had changed. Of all the research topices I have read over the years, I think the most interesting theory regarding Stonehenge is its possible connection with the sunrise during the solstices. While there are some disagreements among the archaeologists and historians as to whether it was used during the winter or summer solstice, I think that the sun rising over the 'heel stone' and shinning into the circle was deliberately constructed that way by those ancient people. Although their intentions are subject to archaeological interpretation, the idea that the sunlight rose within the structure is extremely interesting to me.

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