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What are some recent analyses of Hemingway's works from the field of literary stylistics?

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Two recent works dating from 2010 that examine Hemingway from a stylistic perspective are an academic paper and a book. The scholarship comes from academicians in China and India, respectively. The paper is "The Interpretation of a Novel by Hemingway in Terms of Literary Stylistics" and is published in The International Journal of Language Society and Culture (2010). The author, Zhiqin Zhang, examines Hemingway's "deviation in nominal and verbal structures and repetitions" and attributes these deviations to revelation of his theme in the story "Cat in the Rain."

Nozar Niazi and Rama Gautam of India have written How to Study Literature: Stylistic and Pragmatic Approaches. While the book is devoted to examining many authors, a section deals with Hemingway. Niaz and Gautam apply stylistics to Hemingway's works and admit that stylistics and pragmatics cannot "solve all the problems of literary analysis" of his novels, as expressed by Dr. Kalyani Malthivanan, Professor and Head of the Department of English, Ethiraj College, Chennai. Despite limitations with the approaches, the in-depth examination of Hemingway's novels form a highlight of the book.

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