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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

by Elizabeth George Speare

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What are three of the most important events in the book The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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Three most important events of Witch Blackbird Pond.  Kit’s arrival in New England would the first, and this even would include her reactions to the place, meeting her new family, trying to share her clothes, and Matthew’s stern reaction to that.  This is significant because it provides crucial information about character and setting and establishes the conflicts that follow.  The second important event would be meeting Hannah, the “witch,” for she changes Kit’s outlook on life, connecting her to the sensuous natural beauty of her home in Barbados and in this way giving her a “home away from home.” This event introduces Hannah as the main symbol of the novel, a kind woman misunderstood and branded as “witch” because of being different, an “brand” which increases her outsiderness. Even though she remains on the margins of that community, however, she remains good and kind and teaches Kit how to be the same. The third event would be Kit risking her own life and reputation to save Hannah, doing what is wrong in the eyes of the community but what, in her heart, she knows is right. This results in the community naming her as witch, too, and propels the resolution of the novel.

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