What are the most important events (background can be included too) and place names that take place in the book Brave New World?  

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  • Places: Central Hatchery and Conditioning Centre, the Fertilizing Room, Savage Reservation in New Mexico, Malapais, the Fordson Community Singery (Solidarity Service day), the Propaganda House, the Crematorium, Lake District of England/ English Channel, Electrical Equipment Corporation, Park Lane Hospital for the Dying, the Nine Years' War, the Crematorium
  • Elements:  Ford Years, soma, mottos such as "Community, Identity, Stability" and "Everyone belongs to everyone else," Bokanovsky Process, hypnopaedia, freemartin, Pregnancy Substitute, Obstacle Golf, Solidarity Groups
  • Most important events:  The touring of the Hatchery, Bernard and Lenina's date, the Solidarity Service, the trip to the Reservation, John's story, the return to London, , Bernard's boastful display of the Savage, Bernard's introduction of the Savage to the World Controller, Bernard's humiliation, John the Savage's encounters with Lenina and their date at the feelies, Linda's dying in the hospital, the Deputy Sub-Bursar and the distribution of soma, the riot police and soma spray. Mustapha Mond's interview with Bernard, Helmholtz, and the Savage, the exiling of Bernard and Helmholtz, the exile of the Savage and his suicide.



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