What is the most important event in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?

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In my mind, the most important event in the novel is the moment when both boys enter the gas chamber.  It is significance for a variety of moments.  The friendship between Bruno and Shmuel is at its apex at this moment.  It shows how important both are to one another.  At the same time, it is important as it shows how friendship can transcend the temporal conditions that might limit it.  Bruno and Shmuel are loyal to one another, even though their social order tells them opposite.  Bruno does not waver in his commitment to his friend, even though the society tells him otherwise.  It is also significant because his innocence and pure way of looking at the world is both murdered and martyred simultaneously.  The idea that Bruno dies with his friend is a moment of intense horror and intense beauty.  It is difficult to find one instant that captures both extremes, but I believe it is an important moment that speaks to the power of the book.  There are many important instants in the book that speak to what it means to be human, but I think that the moment when both boys enter the gas chamber is one of the most powerful.

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There are many significant events that take place in the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, such as:

-When Bruno and his family moves away from Berlin to out-with. 

-When Grandmother dies.

-When both Gretel and Bruno get head-lice, therefore causing Bruno to have to shave his head and Gretel to use a terrible-smelling shampoo which she cried for hours after it.

-Lieutenant Kotler abuses Pavel after he spills the 'Bottle of Wine' on him. 

-Lieutenant Kotler is transported to a different location, far away from out-with, causing Mother to seem rather unhappy, as well as Gretel, who is Inconsolable.

-Gretel Matures, and throws away her dolls around the time that Lieutenant Kotler is transported away. When Bruno enters her room for the first time after he leaves, he notices that there is not a single doll to be seen - She had  placed them into four large bags and thrown them away (A sign of Maturity)

-Both Bruno and Shmuel are pushed into a march, and are taken to the gas chamber - Where they end up dying together. 

There are many other significant events that take place in 'The boy in the Striped Pyjamas', however I believe I have listed to main ones.

The most important event, in my opinion, is when both boys enter the gas chamber and die with their hands intertwined. Its the main display of innocence and loyalty of their friendship. 

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the 2 most important happenings here are": first is the day when they moved into their new house and when Bruno saw the camp. the other is the ending because it is the one and only way to show how children are so innocent that they risk their lives for their friendship and up to the end they were together, this clearly shows that frienship and life is mostly not about our problems but also life is about doing the things you think that are right and things right from your heart.

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There are a few:

- When Bruno + his family move to their new house and Bruno and Gretel both see the people on the other side of the fence

- When Bruno meets Shmuel for the first time at the fence 

And of course the ending!

Hope this helps :)