What are the most important details in chapter 7?i am having a hard time narrowing chapter seven down to specific points...

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Chapter 7 begins to discuss the changes in Gatsby now that he and Daisy have reunited.  Nick details changes in both Gatsby and his estate.  One night, the lights do no come one, and he doesn't through his lavish party, so when the guests come the sadly have to get back in their cars and drive away.  Gatsby even tells Nick that he fires all of his servants in order to protect Daisy's reputation.

The next day Nick joins Gatsby and Jordan at the Buchanans’ for lunch.  This is the first time he sees Pammy, the Buchanans’ daughter, who serves as a painful reminder that Daisy and Tom are married.  Because of the hot day, Daisy suggests that the crew drive into the city to escape the heat.  So they drive to the Plaza Hotel.

Once at the hotel, Gatsby tries to get Daisy to admit that she never loved Tom, but she cannot.  When she gets ready to, Tom rises and reminds them of the times they have spent together. The group breaks up with Daisy and Gatsby in the first car and the rest following behind.

We learn that that night Myrtle, Tom's mistress and George's wife, was hit by a large yellow car.  As the details slowly come out, Nick recounts seeing Tom staring at the Buchanans’ house.  There, he explains that Daisy was driving the car that killed Myrtle, and that he will spend the night watching to make sure that Tom doesn't hurt her.

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