What is the most essential internal conflict within Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings"? What are the external conflicts?

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The most essential internal conflict in the story is the reaction of the old man with enormous wings to the world around him. Although the people around him lock him in a chicken coop and constantly harass him, he seems impervious to their molestations. All he wants to do is find comfort in his nest, though people place hot oil lamps in his cage and try to get him to consume mothballs. In the end, after suffering a mysterious illness and remaining unconnected to the world around him, he finally sprouts feathers and is able to fly away. His connection to the world has been tenuous at best, and he has finally decided to leave it.

The external conflicts involve the people around the man with enormous wings. Pelayo and Elisenda try to figure out the nature of the man who falls to the ground near their house. They determine that he is familiar enough to overlook his enormous wings and decide that he is a castaway rather than an angel. They eventually grow rich from the pilgrims who come to...

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