What are the most distinguishable textual features of Journalistic style? Is the use of Passive Voice and Indirect Speech is high in this style?

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I can only answer the first question; try asking the second one another day.

Matthew Arnold, I believe, said, "Journalism is literature in a hurry."  Today, at least in fiction, the godfather of the journalistic style in Ernest Hemingway.  It is the rhetoric of ethos: highly ethical because of its lack of moralizing.  It is unadorned: Hemingway distrusted adjectives.  Overall, its minimalistic and understated style is characterized by the following:

-high frequency words

-monosyllabic words

-contractions, articles

-1st person pronouns

-action verbs, active tense


-Anglo-Saxon words

-simple sentences

-short, choppy

-compound sentences (lots of coordinating conjunctions “and”)

-1st Person (I –oriented)


-informal (causal)

-male (macho)

-ethos (credibility)

-trustworthiness of the writer or speaker

-inductive reasoning

-stream of consciousness

-in medias res


-metaphor, simile


-double meanings

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