What is the most difficult sport ever?What is the most difficult sport ever?BasketballFootballBaseballIce HokeyRugbyBoxingMaritial ArtsTennisSwimmingGymnasticsWater PoloVolleyballGolfOr a different...

What is the most difficult sport ever?

What is the most difficult sport ever?
Ice Hokey
Maritial Arts
Water Polo
Or a different sport that I did not involved here

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All of those sports are difficult in different ways. I will choose golf.  Golf is difficult because you need expensive equipment to do well.  You also need a lot of practice, and you have to go to a golf course to get it.  That's expensive too!  You also have to be outdoors, in the elements.  Golf is not for everyone.

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I would have to agree that we would need to know what you mean by "difficult." Some sports are physically difficult, while others are mentally difficult. I would have to say that extreme sports are the most difficult (climbing mountains, skydiving, etc.). These sports are both physically difficult and mentally difficult.

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I have read that the single most difficult feat in sports is to hit a 100 miles per hour fastball thrown to a batter in baseball. Considering that several pitchers have approached 100 mph with breaking pitches (curveball, split-finger fastball, sinkerball, etc.), I imagine hitting such a pitch is even more difficult. Major league baseball players sometimes make this look easy, but until you've tried making contact with such a pitch, you won't understand how difficult this is. Women's fastpitch softball, where the pitches sometimes reach 80 mph from a much shorter distance than in baseball, is nearly as difficult.

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It truly does depend on how the criteria you are using to define what makes a sport "difficult." If any athlete (or anyone else, for that matter) is gifted with abilities in a particular area, sports based on those skills will be easier for that athlete. Conversely, if an athlete (or non-athlete) engages in a sport for which s/he does not have innate or learned abilities to perform well, the sport will be difficult.

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My vote would be for the "ball" game played by the ancient Maya. Players could only strike the ball with their shoulders or hips, no hands or feet. The object was to force the ball through a small hoop, and the game was over when one team finally scored. At the end of the game, the losing team was often sacrificed, so it was literally a "winner take all" game. The nature of the game itself, however, even without the obvious cost of losing, makes this for me the most difficult game imaginable.

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I too think you need to define what you mean by "difficult." For some people, working as a part of a team is difficult because you have to trust or rely on others as a part of your success, so that would make any team sport difficult. Others may say the opposite.

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Difficult in what way?  Water polo is very difficult physically because you have to keep swimming all the time.  Golf is very easy in terms of physical exertion, but it is very difficult because of the amount of skill involved.  So I think you need to decide if you mean difficult in terms of exhausting or difficult in terms of hard to do.

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i think that gymnastics is the hardedst sport is because yo u have to learn  how to do all of the flips and balance .when you gymnastics it is so dificult and iy gives youa lot of stress  and you worry you might get hurt.

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In reply to #1: DANCING.....I mean you have to learn another language. e.g., plie, tendu, passe....trust me im a dancer

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I think in every sport we experience difficulty of various nature. I used to play football as  a professional but I had to stop it for injury. Then I switched on to Valleyball. I found that the previous stamina is not sufficient. Then I used to play Badminton, but I required entirely different stamina. So every sport is has its difficulty. Hockey, I am very much afraid of it. Oneday I got hit by a ball and it did frighten me.