What is the most common type of kidney stone?

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Kidney stones can have different chemical compositions. A majority of kidney stones are of the following three types. These include stones that contain calcium compounds, stones consisting of a chemical compound called Struvite and stones that are made up of uric acid.

The type of kidney stones that affects the most number of people with kidney stones is made of calcium compounds. These stones could be made of calcium oxalate by itself or can contain calcium oxalate with calcium phosphate that leads to the formation of minerals called apatite and brushite. Over 80% people with kidney stones in the US and around 70 - 75% of kidney stone patients around the world have stones containing calcium compounds.

stuartwarne | Student

I think it is calcium oxalate.

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sid-sarfraz | Student

Kidney stone are solid masses of crystals formed in a persons kidney or ureter. It is very painful. To know how kidney stones are formed we have to know the types as the occurrence of kidney stones depends on its type.

Types of Kidney stones are as follows:-

  • Calcium
  • Uric Acid
  • Struvite
  • Cystine Stones
  • Other (including some medicines)


Calcium based kidney stone is most commonly found in young men aging 20 and above till 30. Calcium Oxalate is the basis of this kidney stone. Oxalate is found in various items like vitamin C and spinach.

Uric Acid:-

Uric Acid is most commonly found in men then women. It occurs due to Gout or chemotherapy (cancer treatment).


This is most commonly found in women. It occurs in urinary tract as infections and causes urinary obstruction.

Cystine stones:-

These form in people containing cystinuria. It occurs if its in genes i.e. its hereditary.


Medications like triamterene is the cause of this stone.

Amongst these The most common type of kidney stone is the stone based on calcium 

swimergirl77561 | Student

The most common type of kidney stone is a calcium stone.

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