What are the most characterstic features of Feminist writers in their writings?What are the most characterstic features of Feminist writers in their writings?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is fairly wide open.  I would think that greater reward might be offered if you are able to narrow it down a bit.  Perhaps, this might be a discussion of specific writers or thinkers.  In general, I would say that a dominant theme of Feminist writing would be the examination of women's roles in a social or personalized setting.  How works depict women and the implications this generates seem to constitute a critical element of feminist literature.  For example, are the roles of women as depicted in literature in line with traditionalist values of a patriarchial society, or do women seek to break out of these prescribed roles?  Another trait of feminist literature is the empowerment of women and how this is received.  Examination of the power of women, both over themselves and elements in their world, are of critical importance.  Along these lines, the issue of sexuality and the control over one's own sexual identity constitute a major issue in Feminist Literature.  A more subtle and powerful theme that might emerge in some Feminist Literature would be how the roles of women and gender bias seem to converge with other elements of social stratification such as class, psychology, or race.  I think that Gloria Steinem explores such issues in her work and Kate Chopin is one of many authors who delve into the idea of gender identity both within and outside of the social setting.