What is the most budget-friendly and reliable type of chromatography?

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There are different methods of chromatography that is being used in the laboratories and they give different results based on the need of the research or experiment. Generally chromatography is collectively defined as set of experimental methods of separating the components in a mixture. The mixture is further dissolved in a fluid which contains the mobile phase which eventually carries through the system of stationary phase. 

All of the chromatographic methods known are reliable based on the results you are intended to know. However, the most budget-friendly method is the paper and/or thin layer chromatography. This method uses a planar surface where the sample is placed as a dot or line. After drying, it will be placed in the developing chamber with the solvent in it. 

Compared with the other types, these methods don't use machines or equipment for analysis such as HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography) or GC (gas chromatography) which is a lot expensive. Other methods also have expensive columns such as the ion-exchange and size exclusion chromatography.


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