What are Morrie's rules for love and marriage in Tuesdays With Morrie?

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Morrie has several rules for love and marriage in this novel. He shares them with Mitch, and shares that he believes they are the key to a successful marriage and happy life. According to Morrie, most people mess up their marriages because they don't know how to follow these rules.

His first rule is respect—in any relationship, claims Morrie, respecting each other is the fundamental thing to be successful. Compromise comes along with respect, as well, because you have to be willing to lay some things down to ensure you respect the other.

Second is holding values in common, and, in particular, holding value of the marriage in common. If you don't respect the sanctity of marriage and if you don't share the same values, your relationship won't survive.

Finally, Morrie tells Mitch, you need to be honest with one another. Without honesty, none of the other rules will matter because you can't trust each other.

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In the book, Morrie shares with Mitch his rules for a happy marriage. He tells Mitch that most people don't really understand what love is, and he asserts that marriage is essentially a test of one's character.

Morrie informs Mitch that respect is the key to happiness. He believes that it is essential that married people respect their partners. Morrie also maintains that the ability to compromise is essential to securing peace and harmony within a marriage.

He tells Mitch that couples need to share a common set of values in order to preserve their marriage from divorce. The most important value a married couple should share is a strong belief in the importance of their marriage. Most of all, couples also need to be honest with each other and to be able to talk openly about problems within the marriage. Morrie's motto for marriage is 'Love each other or perish.'

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