What does Morrie say about people being alike In Tuesdays With Morrie?

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When Morrie and Mitch discuss culture, Morrie asserts that human beings should be responsible for creating their own culture based on their personal values. Morrie maintains that no one should allow society to dictate their values.

In light of this, Morrie argues that one of the greatest values everyone should embrace is the idea that human beings are very much alike. If we can accept the idea that we are all alike, there may be more harmony among all the races. Morrie laments that the biggest problem in the modern world lies in the reluctance to accept this premise of being alike.

He tells Mitch that those who believe the premise often see themselves as part of the larger human family. Since all of us have the same beginning (birth) and the same ending (death), Morrie believes that we should be more compelled to be tolerant of others. He argues that people who look for common ground are happier and are better able to invest freely in others. Morrie asserts that the ability to foster a community based on love is made possible when all of us believe in the similarities we share as human beings.

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