Identify further arguments against rocking the boat.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you say “further arguments,” I assume that you are asking for arguments in addition to those that I laid out in this link.  I will present two further arguments here.

First, we can say that we should not rock the boat for pragmatic reasons.  In other words, it may not be in our best interest to rock the boat.  In society, it is sometimes said that we must “go along to get along.”  This can certainly be true.  If we rock the boat, we put ourselves in danger of being ostracized.  Even if we are not ostracized completely, we may find our lives being harder than they would otherwise have been. 

For example, imagine that you are a student and your peers routinely do something that you think is wrong.  You might rock the boat by blowing the whistle on them.  However, if you do so, you will find that your social standing among your peers will be damaged.  Your life will then become harder and less enjoyable.

Second, we can say that rocking the boat harms our society.  When we rock the boat, we are rejecting the values of our society.  When we do this, the ties between people in our society become weaker.  This is bad for our society because we end up being less cohesive and more susceptible to societal problems. 

Thus, rocking the boat can hurt us by making our own lives harder and it can harm our society by weakening the bonds that hold us together.  For these reasons, we should not (arguably) rock the boat.

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are two examples of dangerous "rocking of the boat" of existing conditions:

  • In the world news, there is currently much unrest in Turkey as radical Islamists want to rule and many younger people wish to continue the path of democracy begun a few years earlier. Here is a "Journal Entry" from a publication by Middle East Policy Council:

The election of 2007 illustrated that the party is investing in democracy, that political success for the Islamists only comes through democracy, and that the continuation of its success is strongly linked to the consolidation of the democratic process.

The younger people who have been protesting contend that Turkey has been performing better economically since adopting some of the ways of Western Europe, and they do not want to return to the stringent Islamic methods. This attempt to gain control by the radical Islamists, then, is a "rocking of the boat" that is dangerous. Economically, Turkey has been improving; therefore, it is unwise to return to old ways.

  • In Germany in the 1930s Adolf Hitler campaigned for "change" (his very word) that would bring Germany out of its economic depression.  However, as history has recorded, Hitler's change and "rocking of the boat" was extremely detrimental. The German people, sadly, followed Hitler blindly after he promised change, a "boat-rocking" that shook the very foundation of civilized behavior and freedom.