What is the morbidity rates for Bexar County, Texas, in 2000 and 2010?

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The state of Texas provides health profiles on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, the health profile does not break the statistics into cities. It only breaks it down into counties. Therefore, the information provided will denote the morbidity rates for Bexar County alone. As a side note, morbidity refers to the rate of incidences disease occurs.

In order to find the rate of death, divide the number of deaths under the specific disease by the total number of deaths.

Here are the morbidity rates for Bexar County in 2000.

All deaths- 10,184

Cardio Vascular Disease- 3,819; 37.5%

Cancer- 2,232; 21.9%

Respiratory Disease- 435; 4%

Diabetes- 515; 5%

Here are the morbidity rates for Bexar County in 2010. 

Total number of deaths- 8,601

Cardio Vascular Disease- 1,834; 21.3%

Diabetes- 307; 3.5%

Cancer- 1,801; 20.9%

Respiratory Disease- Not given

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