What is the moral of the stort "Lakshmi  ka Swagat"?

t-rashmi | Student

The story "Lakshmi ka Swagat" shows the changing mindset of people nowadays. Even when their grandson is on his death bed, Roshan's parents are trying to get Roshan married to another girl from Sialkot. It shows that people are loosing humanity and are running to grab any opportunity of earning money. In this case, Roshan's parents would get a lot of money because the bride's parents are fairly wealthy and will give a huge amount as dowry. Their hunger for wealth is a sad contrast to Roshan's dedication to save his son Arun, who had made him forget his wife's death. But seeing Arun fighting for life makes Roshan melancholy, and his parent's behaviour only makes it worse. Thus the writer tries to convey that one must never loose humanity just for the sake of money.