Through the Tunnel Questions and Answers
by Doris Lessing

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What are the moral lessons found in the story "Through the Tunnel" written by Doris Lessing?

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Pulling a moral lesson from this story is tough because it is much more of a coming of age story than a morality story. Jerry doesn't learn how to be more or less virtuous by the end of the story, so I think claiming that a moral lesson is taught through him isn't easily defended. If a moral lesson about correct/right/just/virtuous behavior is being taught, I think it is being taught through Jerry's mother. She really struggles with the idea of letting Jerry go off and explore a wild and dangerous area of the beach that she can't see or even get to quickly. Jerry's mother knows that she must learn to let go and let Jerry start fending for himself. She knows that he might get hurt in the process, and she really struggles balancing her desire to be Jerry's mother with her knowledge that she must let go and let Jerry learn some things without her. Jerry winds up being in a harrowing situation and coming through it just fine. He returns to his mother a...

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