What are the moral lessons Atticus teaches his children in To Kill a Mockingbird? I have to right an essay about this, and I need four topics and four examples for each. 

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Through both example and counsel, Atticus Finch teaches his children many virtues.

Charity   (Charity is a theological virtue by which people love God above all else and their "neighbor" as themselves out of their love for God.)   

When Scout comes home from her first day of school she does not want to return because she has been offended by her new teacher's remarks both about her and her father. She also feels that she has been unjustly punished and embarrassed in front of her classmates. Then, after listening to his daughter relate how she attempted to help Miss Caroline get to know certain students by explaining their backgrounds and habits, Atticus quickly realizes that the new teacher from Northern Alabama has felt humiliated by a first grader's display of such social expertise.

Atticus explains to Scout that she must return to school because he works every day and no one can teach her at home. He then counsels Scout to be charitable and respectful of Miss Caroline's feelings:

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