Night Questions and Answers
by Elie Wiesel

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What is the moral/lesson in the book Night?

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Arguably one of the most persistent themes in Night is resilience. When a group or an individual is chased down and attacked merely based on their assumptions regarding that group or individual, those who are being chased have two choices: give in, or stand their ground. 

During WWII, particularly during the Nazi years of terror, the persecution of the Jews put the faith and belief system of anyone to the test. Jews and Christians alike were shown how evil the human race can become. Even in the novel there is talk of how the Jews put God on trial and, using the word "chayav" they declared Him to be guilty. 

Yet despite of the horrors and the lapses in faith the people maintained their identity and learned to suffer and endure the terrors that they encountered...together. They may have felt abandoned by God and their fellow men, but never did they cease to feel less Jewish,...

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haleygirl | Student

well i think it is very simple what he is trying  to teach us is that he don't want the past to happen again '