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What is the moral of Finding Nemo?

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The moral of this film is that our horizons broaden and we make new friends when we persevere in the face of adversity and overcome our fears in order to face the world head-on.

Nemo is an adventurous young fish whose overprotective father is a timid clownfish named Marlin. Marlin is overprotective of Nemo because Marlin lost both his wife and their other 399 eggs to a barracuda attack. However, despite Marlin's care, Nemo is caught by a scuba diver. When this happens, Marlin has to face his worst fears as he leaves the safety of home to try to chase down his son.

Friends Marlin makes include Dory, who has problems with memory loss, and Nigel, who helps Marlin and Dory evade a seagull flock.

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achuughe | Student
The moral of Finding Nemo is that it is possible to overcome multiple sources of adversity when you have the right support system in place. The case of Finding nemo, Marlin's support system is made up of Dory, who pushes him through the adversity of fear so that Marlin can search the ocean for son, never knowing what could be in store or for them.