What is the mood and tone of Desiree's Baby? by Kate Chopin?

aposhka8888 | Student

      The story "Desiree's Baby", in my opinion was a tragedy caused by social pressure. Armad was such a proud man, that not even, that not even the love of his life and son would make him yield to others expectations. 

     When the baby turned three months Desiree started to notice a difference in how people treated her. People began to visit Desiree and Armad's home "unexpected" from long distance and could not explain why they had come. Her husband also treated her and his son different, he would no longer look her in the eye, "from which the old love-light seemed to have gone out".

     Armad was a very proud man who was swayed by his community. Armad was embarrassed, he felt that his wife had brought "injury" to his "his house and name". In the end the reader finds out that in fact Armad is the one with African descent and not Desiree, his parents had kept it hidden from him. I think this information could have avoided such a tragic end that he brought to his wife and child. So in the end he was the one who truly brought shame to his home and name, because of his wrongful accusations and conditional love. 

     This story is a great warning of not giving in to social pressures. Because of Armad caring about what other people thought so much, he lost the only thing that evidently made him happy, his wife and child. In the end he also lost his own identity since so much of himself was determined by the color of his skin.