What are some of the themes in the story 'A Christmas Memory' by Truman Capote, and what kind of a story is this? What is the mood?  

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The short story by Truman Capote is a nostalgic walk through his childhood and relationship with Miss Sook.  Miss Sook was his elderly cousin who is in her 60"s and Buddy is only 7.  They live together at his grandmother's house.  As a child Truman spent a lot of time with elderly relatives due to his parent’s tumultuous divorce.  He developed a close bond with Miss Sook who was as much a playmate to him as a friend.  The book is the first of several stories that he wrote about his memories of his time spent with Miss Sook.

In the story Miss Sook and Buddy go on an adventure to collect the necessary items to make fruitcake.  Fruitcake was a Christmas tradition and due to the hardship of economic times, the necessary items were in short supply at Miss Sooks.  The theme is about a friendship that crosses over the timeline of age.

The mood is one of nostalgia and simplicity.  It is a happy story with a somewhat sad note at the end.