What is the mood of the poem "A Contemplation Upon Flowers?"

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The mood of a poem refers to the emotions one feels when reading a poem. Therefore, the mood of a poem is different for most readers. Not all readers have the same emotions when reading a poem. Given that mood is established through word choice and imagery, different readers will pick up on different words and images used in the poem.

In regards to Henry King's poem "A Contemplation Upon Flowers," the mood is one set by the feelings elicited in the reader. One only needs to reflect upon how they feel while reading, or after reading, the poem.

Specific words help to negotiate the emotions of a reader. King's use of the words brave, gallant, not proud, and cheerful set a distinct mood. King wants the reader to have hope in their character and the knowledge of how not to be afraid. Therefore, the poem's mood is one of hope and pride.

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The mood of a poem is basically how you as a reader feel after you have read the poem. This poem "A Contemplation Upon Flowers" made me realise that death is only what i make it to be. After reading this poem, i clearly understood that if i just believe that death really was not such a negative thing, if i live a pure and positive life, it would be rather easy for me to become one with death.


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