What is the mood of the final four paragraphs of the story?

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This is a great question. The ending of stories can shed incredible insight. When we examine the work, Metamorphosis by Kafka, the ending is very odd, indeed. 

The mood is rather light. After the brief altercation between the cleaning lady and Mr. Samsa, the family is doing fine. The women are writing letters and going about their lives as if nothing happened. Mr. Samsa is now the patriarch of the house and takes responsibility. In addition, all three have jobs. 

In the last scene, the family decides to go out of the apartment, something that they did not really do. They get on a train and are traveling. While they are doing this, they are talking about their futures and how things seem bright. In this context, Mr. and Mrs. Samsa notice something about their daughter, that she has become a beautiful woman. There has been a metamorphosis in her. 

Kafka writes:

"While they amused themselves in this way, it struck Mr. and Mrs. Samsa, almost at the same moment, as they looked at their daughter, who was getting more animated all the time, how she had blossomed recently, in spite of all the troubles which had made her cheeks pale, into a beautiful and voluptuous young woman. Growing more silent and almost unconsciously understanding each other in their glances, they thought that the time was now at hand to seek out a good honest man for her."

All of this is very odd, because they is no idea that Gregor was turned into a bug and died. In fact, Gregor is mentioned only once in passing - that he chose their first dwelling. 

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