What is the mood of The Call of the Wild?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The mood of "The Call of The Wild" can't be pinned down to just one mood.  The book is a violent story and it also has it's tender moments.  I personally cried through the book.  Buck, a loyal beast has the wildness of the wilderness beaten back into him.  The mood can be angry and harsh. Yet, when Buck breaks the sled free from the ice and pulls the sled from a dead stop, you can't help but rejoice in the courage and strength of this animal.

"Gee!” shouts Thornton to Buck.
.Buck goes into action, moving first to the right. The loads shakes. There is the sound of crackling ice. 
Buck then moves left and breaks the sled free.
“Now, MUSH!” (Chapter VI, "For the Love of Man").

His love for a master is so strong it pulls him continually back from his natural wilderness and the female wolf he has become close to. It is an adventure story and it is full of foreboding and mystery.  It's mood savage, fierce, wild.