What is the mood in "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe?

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The mood of "The Black Cat" is one of perverseness, fright, and uneasiness.  The narrator is clearly mentally ill and is an unreliable narrator, so this definitely adds to the mood of the story!  There is also a feeling of suspense as the narrator leads up to the way it was discovered that he murdered his wife.  At the end of the story:

The black cat, hideous, hidden behind the wall, cemented in by the Narrator himself, is a striking symbol of the decay and corruption of the man's soul. His guilt, self-hatred, and need for punishment are all exposed when he bangs on the wall, prompting the black cat to howl, and revealing to the stunned policemen the secret hidden behind the wall. (eNotes)
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It is one of extreme madness of the human soul

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the mood of the story is anger kind of terrifying because the guy in the story is scary and sick.he's insane

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