What month did Holling go to the baseball game with Mrs. Baker and Danny in Wednesday Wars?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Holling went to the baseball game with Mrs. Baker and Danny in April, on Opening Day at Yankee Stadium.

Holling had gotten tickets for the special event way back in December. After he had experienced such disappointment by Mickey Mantle's treatment of him at Baker's Sporting Emporium's autograph signing event, Mrs. Baker had tried to make it up to him by doing something really nice for Holling and his friends. Mrs. Baker had arranged for the boys to meet Joe Pepitone and Horace Clark, two other famous members of the Yankees, and the players had kindly given them tickets for the Opening Day of the 1968 Major League Baseball Season. Holling had been looking forward to attending the special game for the first four months of the year, and had arranged for his father to pick him up at school early that day and accompany him to the Stadium. Sadly, Holling's father let him down, and while Danny Hupfer, Mr. Hupfer, and the others attended as scheduled, Holling was left behind at school. Understanding his humiliation and distress, Mrs. Baker once again saved the day, driving Holling and herself down to the Stadium immediately after school. The two joined Danny and the others during the third inning, and had a wonderful, memorable time (Chapter 8 - "April").

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