What are Montag's goals in Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451?

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After meeting Clarisse, Montag discovers that he is living a meaningless, unfulfilling existence and desperately attempts to change the trajectory of his life by turning to literature. Montag experiences a dramatic change of heart and believes that books may hold the answers to life that he is desperately seeking. When Montag attempts to read from the illegal novels that he stole, he finds it difficult to understand the various texts, which is why he visits Faber. At Faber's home, Montag discusses his plan to make copies of books and spread them throughout society. After killing Captain Beatty, Montag flees the dystopian city and joins a group of traveling intellectuals. At the end of the novel, Montag walks towards the decimated city in hopes of rebuilding a literate, intelligent society. Throughout the course of the novel, Montag's main goals are as follows:

1) Montag wishes to experience inner peace and live a fulfilling life, where he has the opportunity and freedom to enjoy...

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