What is Montag’s dilemma as Montag sees it?I dont have any clue what the dilemma that they are asking is

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To me, Montag's main dilemma in this story is how to get the life that he wants to have.  How will he be able to have a life in which he can care about other people without getting in trouble with his society?

Almost from the beginning of the story, we see that Montag is not satisfied with the emotional part of his life.  He does not feel that he and Milie have a true relationship, for example.  He wants that to change -- he wants to truly care for other people and to have real relationships with them (sort of like Clarisse did).

But Montag's society does not really allow for such things.  People who try to act like that are liable to get themselves killed the way that Clarisse seems to have.  So, to me, this is Montag's dilemma -- how to make life worth living without ending up actually dead.

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