The Master Puppeteer by Katherine Paterson

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What money do they use in The Master Puppeteer?

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Hello! You asked what money is used in The Master Puppeteer. It sounds like you are asking about the currency. There are a few instances in the book where money is mentioned. I quote them below:

The Shogun, unimpressed with the results of the daimyo's offered reward, personally places a price of one thousand ryo on the head of the bandit known as Saburo. (pp 44)

In one corner was a bit of folded cloth. Jiro undid it to find three silver coins. (pp 70)

Patersons' novel is set during the time of shoguns, samurais and daimyos. The powerful daimyos and shoguns ruled from the 10th century to the 19th century. The Master Puppeteer  is set in 18th century Osaka. You see that...

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