Number the Stars Questions and Answers
by Lois Lowry

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What was Mama's dog's name in Number the Stars?

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Mama’s dog’s name was Trofast.

As Mama walks toward the village with Annemarie and Kristi, she reminisces about her childhood.

The name Trofast means “faithful” in Swedish.  It is therefore a common dog’s name.  Annemarie’s mother says that since the name means faithful, it is a good name for a dog.

"I had named him Trofast- Faithful.  And it was just the right name for him, because what a faithful dog he was!..." (ch 6, p. 58)

Her dog used to walk her to town every morning.  She says he was a “country dog” because he did not want to stay in town.  In the afternoons he would be waiting for her on the edge of town.

The reassuring tale of the faithful dog contrasts with the emptiness of the village.  It is both Mama's attempt to return to another time and place and distract her children from the war at hand.

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