In Othello, what is the moment of truth for Othello?

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As both educators have already stated in their responses, the moment of truth occurs when Othello discovers how Iago has manipulated him.

When Emilia reveals that Iago requested her to take Desdemona’s handkerchief, Othello understands that Iago deliberately lied. This lie, of course, becomes the impetus for Desdemona’s murder. Prior to Iago’s “discovery” of the handkerchief, Othello was still on the fence about his wife’s guilt.

With his actually faithful wife’s body still warm in the bed, Othello faces the reality that he killed her for no reason. If Othello had not allowed himself to be so easily convinced of Desdemona’s guilt, he might have been able to continue a happy marriage with a woman who truly loved him.

Instead, Othello ruined his only chance at happiness, and he realizes that he is mostly to blame.

Othello's moment of truth comes toward the end of act five, scene two, after he has murdered his wife, Desdemona. When Emilia enters the scene, she is appalled to...

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