What molecule has a covalent bond with different charges on different parts of the same molecule? What is an example of a molecule wtih a covalent bond that because it has enough of an unblance in its electron distribution, it carries different charges on different parts of the molecule?

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A covalent bond is the result of sharinatoms electrons between atoms. If the electrons are shared evenly, then we have a nonpolar bond and therefore no charges on the molecule. If there is an uneven sharing electrons then we have a polar bond. The uneven sharing results when the atoms have different electronegativities. When we have polar bonds, we have partial charges on the atom. The partial negative charge will be on the more electronegative atomand the partial positive charge will be on the atom with lower electronegativity. 

An example of a nonpolar molecule would be O2 and a polar molecule would be CO. Since oxygen is more electronegative than carbon, oxygen will have the partial negative charge and carbon will have the partial positive charge. 

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