What is the molecular shape of C2F6? (ex. AB2, AB3, AB3E, AB4, etc) I know the compound's Lewis structure but I am now stuck with 2 central atoms. I thought the molecular structure was AB4 (one half of the structure) but I am not 100% sure. Is it an octahedral?

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Since you have an idea of the Lewis structure of the compound C2F6, it would be easier to imagine the molecular structure. And apparently your first answer is correct: AB4

    F    F
    |    |
F- C - C -F
    |    |
    F    F


Remember that you have made a distribution of electrons and found out that there are no lone pairs. This means that it can never be AB3E. 

Then, to visualize it, consider first the left CF3. Imagine the right CF3 is only an F. If you imagine the right CF3 be F we can have a formula CF4 which is a tetrahedral, thus AB4.



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