what is the molecular equation and net ionic equation for this aqueous reaction: FeSO4 + NaCl ->

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The reaction of FeSO4 and NaCl produces FeCl2 and Na2SO4. The balanced chemical reaction for this can be written as:

`FeSO_4 + 2 NaCl -> FeCl_2 + Na_2SO_4`

To work on the net ionic equation for this, first let us put the state of the species in the solution (e.g. solid, liquid, gas, aqueous)

`FeSO_4 _(aq)+ 2 NaCl _(aq) -> FeCl_2 _(aq) + Na_2SO_4 _(aq)`

When the species is aqueous (aq) form, we can rewrite the equation showing the ionic species. 

`Fe^(2+) + SO_4 ^(2-) + 2 Na^(+) + 2 Cl^(-) -> Fe^(2+) + 2 Cl^(-) + 2 Na^(+) + SO_4 ^(2-)`

Finally we can cancel the spectator ions. This reaction contains species which are all in ionic form when in the solution. Having said that, all of the ions are effectively spectator thus there is no net ionic equation to be formed

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