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Before I start explaining what a 'mole' is, first understand the concept of what a mole is. Think about an analogy to 'dozen'.

Whenever we talk about 'dozen', we are talking about the number 12., i.e., 1 dozen pencil/pens etc. = 12 pencils/pens.

Similarly, whenever the term 'mole' is taken, we are talking about the number which should come to our mind, which is 6.022*(10^23) and which is called Avagadro's Number.

Thus, 1 mole of anything (may it be atoms, molecules, ions etc.) means 6.022*(10^23) of that thing is present.

Hence, a mole is nothing but a large number used to represent the quantity of something present in that range.

Now, there are certain formulas to calculate the number of mole of a substance:

1) moles of a substance = number of molecules/atoms/ions etc. of the substance/6.022*(10^23) (Avagadro's Number)

2) moles of a substance = mass of the substance/molar mass of the substance

NOTE: Molar mass of the substance is the mass of one mole of that substance.

A mole is simply put, an amount of a substance.  It is kind of confusing because it implies that one mole of oxygen is the same as one mole of hydrogen, which is actually true.

Each mole of a substance is equal to 6.022X 10^ 23 atoms or molecules.

Chantelm | Student

Moles  is a unit of measurement  which can be calculated by dividing mass in grams by the molar mass 

parama9000 | Student

This is used to measure the quantity, numerical value of a chemical substance for an element or a compound.

Yojana_Thapa | Student

Moles is a unit which is used to measure quantity of a chemical substance like an element or a compound. 1 mole of element or compound is always equal to the molar mass of that substance. Ex. 1 mol of Sulfur = 32g of Sulfur , 1mol of water = 18g of water .  Moles  (N) = Mass (g) / Molar Mass (mm)

whodamannow | Student

In the above answer I intended to use 6.02.

whodamannow | Student

The above answer is incorrect. Rather than 6.2 x 1023, it should read 6.2 x 10 to the 23rd power, the number of beer cans it would take to cover the entire earth to a depth of 9 miles (big number).

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