What is the molarity of a 250. mL H2SO4 solution that was made from a 20.0 mL of a 10.0 M stock solution?

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You can solve this equation by using the following dilution formula:

        `~M_1` x `~V_1` = `~M_2` x `~V_2`

`~M_1` = molarity of the stock solution = 10.0 M

`~V_1` = volume of the stock solution = 20.0 mL

`~M_2` = molarity of the diluted solution = ? M

`~V_2` = volume of the diluted solution = 250. mL

Step 1: Rearrange the dilution formula to solve for `~M_2` .

To rearrange the formula, divide both sides of the formula by `~V_2` . The `~V_2` variables on the right side of the equation cancel out leaving you with:

   (`~M_1` x `~V_1` )/`~V_2` = `~M_2`

Step 2: Rewrite the formula so that the unknown variable is on the left.

   `~M_2` = (`~M_1` x `~V_1` )/`~V_2`

Step 2: Plug in the known values and solve for `~M_2` .

   `~M_2` = [10.0 M x 20.0 mL]/250. mL

          = 0.800 M

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