What is the molar concentration of each ion present in the solution from the result from each of the following mixtures 55.5ml of 0.050M HCl and 75.0 ml of 1.25M HCl?

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ncchemist eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that you are asking for the concentration of each ion present when the two solutions are mixed.  Since we are dealing with HCl (hydrochloric acid), this is a strong acid that will completely ionize in water.  So the 0.05M HCl solution will have 0.05M H+ and 0.05M Cl-.  The situation is similar for the other solution as well.

To find what the concentration of each would be if the two solutions are mixed, let's find out how many moles there are in each solution and then divide by the total volume.

0.555L (0.05 mol/L) = 0.028 moles HCl

0.75L (1.25 mol/L) = 0.938 moles HCl

So if we add these up we get 0.028+0.938=0.966 moles HCl.  Now divide by the total volume to get the concentration.

0.966 moles/0.1305 L = 7.40 M HCl

So the new solution has a concentration of 7.40 M HCl, which means that it is the same concentration as well for both H+ and Cl- ions as well.