What modern day writer would identify with Mark Twain? Why? 

Expert Answers
chsmith1957 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The case could be made that Garrison Keillor is our closest present-day match to Mark Twain. He is an American author, poet, storyteller, and humorist. He hosts the two-hour radio variety show “A Prairie Home Companion,” which airs each weekend on NPR. His books and stories are often based in the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, Minnesota. His characters represent the region he is from and is most familiar with, much in the same way that Mark Twain used the landscape and culture of the people living in the lower Mississippi River valley. Both writers use exaggeration for humorous effect, including the addition of bizarre plot twists that readers and listeners can hardly imagine taking place in real life. Yet the oddest events somehow seem plausible when presented convincingly by the writers themselves. Keillor has visited and broadcasted from the Mark Twain House in Hartford, Connecticut. He makes many personal appearances around the United States each year, and he attracts large audiences who wait in anticipation to hear his Lake Wobegon stories.

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